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July 19, 2012
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Sonic and Rouge by Narcotize-Nagini Sonic and Rouge by Narcotize-Nagini
Sonic and Rouge talking together about how Sonic can get through of Shadow being pregnant by Scourge.

Sonic: I don't know if I could get through this, I just handle that he's pregnant by Scourge, what if he changes his mind and goes back to him!?
Rouge: Do not worry I know Shadow, he would never leave you, you're really special to him
Sonic: but he's still upset on the day I found out and fussed at him also he thinks I'm a avoiding him, which I kinda am, it's so hard to do this...
Rouge: I know he's still upset most of time but it's from his hormones since he's pregnant
Sonic: I don't even know how pregnancy goes, what should I do?
Rouge: Well we go through morning sickness, cravings, having to use the bathroom more, and moodswings, so you have to be more gentle with him, or he'll get upset, cause I know since I'm pregnant now, but we all learned everything from the Vanilla since she raised us all and the last adult naga that was alive when we were younger...
Sonic: I guess you're right I have to work this out with Shadow thanks for the help Rouge *slithers way*
Rouge: No problem! ^^

(Rouge is 2 months pregnant (mate is Knuckles), Shadow is around a month, it only takes a naga 4 months to carry a baby)
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