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Sonic Doodlezzz : 43 by Narcotize-Nagini Sonic Doodlezzz : 43 by Narcotize-Nagini
-Shadic's belly ache-
Shadic: *whines* huuuurts!
Shadow: *sigh* I always tell you not to over eat and yet you still do it...
Shadic: Are you mad at me....?
Shadow: No I'm not, but you need to be more careful with yourself, I don't like seeing you in pain honey.
Shadic: I know, I'm sorry. Can you rub my belly, please daddy?
Shadow: Of course

-Over stuffed Shadow and Sonic- To defeat Eggman they had to beat him in an eating contest...surprisingly they won XD but now they are both suffering!
Shadic: Daddy, your tummy is so big and tight.. *pokes Shadow's stomach*
Shadow: D-don't poke it so hard...I feel like I'm gonna pop.
Shadic: Oh....I'm sorry
Shadow: It's ok, you didn't know...
Shadic: Buuut now I can give you and papa belly rubs like how you guys have done for me when I had belly aches
Sonic: Oh! Oh gawd! *covers mouth* The cheeseburgers aren't agreeing with the noodles!!!

-Sexy Rouge-
Rouge: Hey Amy? Like what you see?
Amy: Ahhh!!! Rouge put some clothes on!!!

-Shadow's ultrasound- When Shadow and Sonic went to go to the doctor to see what gender their baby was
Sonic: Did you hear that Shadow, we're having a little boy!
Shadow: *staring at the screen* A....a little boy...we're gonna have a...son..
Sonic: Yeah isn't that great!
Shadow: .......*has his eyes locked on the screen like he's hypnotized*
Sonic: Helloooooo? Shadow?
Shadow: Huh?! Oh yes that is great! *smiles happily*
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