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June 26, 2012
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Sonadow Mpreg: alternate by Narcotize-Nagini Sonadow Mpreg: alternate by Narcotize-Nagini
I love Shadow mpreg ~:heart:

my alternate version of my sonadow if Shadow was still seme and Sonic was still uke but somehow Shadow was the one to get pregnant, blame Eggman for that he sprayed something on Shadow that would make him pregnant the next time he and Sonic mated together, I guess cause he sees Shadow more responsible with a pregnancy rather than Sonic. (I probably would've done the same thing XD) even though he was always on top xD

So Shadow gave birth to Shadic in this version. Though Sonic seems a bit jumpy and nervous about it so in this pic Shadow wanted to talk about it in private with Sonic to see what is his problem.

So here's what's going on in the pics:
Shadow: *sigh* ok I wanted to have this talk with you, cause you're really starting to worry me, so what's wrong?
Sonic: nothing is wrong
Shadow: sooo...nothing is bothering you about my pregnancy?
Sonic: nope not at all you're just moody, but that's normal, you've gotten really big-
Shadow: so you're saying I'm too fat is that it I can lay off the twinkies for a while
Sonic: nonononono it's not that well you are rounder but it's not a bad thing, you're glowing like other people say but I don't really know why, but nothings bad with you being this way it's just uh, um gah! I just can't talk to you like this!!!!
Shadow: Sonic I-
Sonic: ok you wanna know what I'm scared, I'm just scared that I'll have a kid and it can hear everything that I'm saying right now, but I'm just so scared Shadow I don't know what to do!!! *cries as he falls up against Shadow*
Shadow:.....Sonic, why didn't you tell me before.....
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