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October 27, 2012
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Secret Surprise Party : Hide the Gift:. by Narcotize-Nagini Secret Surprise Party : Hide the Gift:. by Narcotize-Nagini
Well Shadic, Sonic and friends are throwing a surprise party for Shadow, not for his birthday but Shadic wanted to throw one for him for being the best daddy and friend to everyone. Though they have to keep Shadow from finding out or else it ruin the surprise when they're not ready.
Shadow: Shadic what do you have behind your back?
Shadic: n-nothing there's nothing I'm hiding ^^;
Shadow: Shadic let me see, y'know it's not nice to lie, I taught you better
Sonic: Nononononono! there's nothing going on here, no hiding no nothing!!!!
Shadow: Shadic! Show me what you're hiding!!!

:iconlegaspplz: will they keep Shadow from seeing the gift and discovering his party? this is going to be a complicated situation since you're trying to hide something from somebody like the ultimate life form Shadow XD
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